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Strategies and Best Practices for Inclusive Insurance Distribution

5/22/2024 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. EDT


Who Should Watch

  • LIMRA and LOMA member company executives
  • Collaborators and leaders of administrative, product, operations and technical areas
  • Corporate managers of strategy and planning
  • Leaders, advisors and intermediaries from all channels


This session will be presented in Spanish with simultaneous Portuguese interpretation.

This event will take place at the following time:

9:00 am (UTC-6): Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, México
10:00 am (UTC-5): Colombia, Ecuador, Panamá, Perú
11:00 am (UTC-4): Bolivia, Chile, Puerto Rico,
12:00 pm (UTC-3): Argentina, Brasil

In this forum, Mabyr Valderrama Villabona, Director of Sustainability at FASECOLDA, will address examples of how various markets are implementing inclusive insurance initiatives in a sustainable and profitable way. Through practical examples, Mabyr will provide valuable insights on how to identify opportunities for the industry to achieve greater insurance inclusion in the low-income segment. She will also address key factors that have contributed to the success of these initiatives, including the most effective sales channels, payment methods, and the crucial role of regulators in fostering an environment conducive to the development of inclusive insurance.


Mabyr Valderrama Villabona
Director of Sustainability , Fasecolda

Mabyr Valderrama Villabona

Director of Sustainability , Fasecolda

Mabyr is Director of Sustainability at Fasecolda, from where she leads the sustainable growth agenda of the insurance sector and its contribution to the sustainable development of the country. The key areas of focus within Fasecolda's sustainability agenda include inclusion in insurance, consumer protection and financial education, ESG issues and innovation. Mabyr is an economist from the Externado de Colombia University, with a Magna Cum Laude Master's degree in Economics from the Alberto Hurtado University and Georgetown University. She has served as Advisor to the Presidency and Leader of the Economy in the Federation of Oil Palm Growers - Fedepalma; Senior Economic Advisor of the Communications Regulation Commission; and Consultant in agricultural affairs and ICT. She has also been a teacher at CESA and at the Alberto Hurtado-Chile University.

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Mr. Jinhai Guo

International Conference Coordinator


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