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Illuminating our members’ professional development journey is at the heart of everything we do at LL Global. We have recently redesigned our LOMA website to provide members with a dynamic, intuitive and user-friendly experience, with easy access to professional development, solutions and services, events and networking, and thought leadership resources. Visit our new site today!

Professional Development

Spotlight On: Financial Acumen

Learning Live Series

Join Us Next Week in This Short, Virtual Session!

In Learning Live: How Insurers Make Money, our expert instructor focuses on how insurers balance dual goals of profitability and solvency. Join this interactive, two-hour session and learn more about an insurer's major revenues and expenses, solvency regulation, and how insurers use reinsurance to manage risk.

How Insurers Make Money
April 14, 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. ET

Strategic Leadership

Broaden your skill set and engage with leaders across the industry in a virtual Strategic Leadership program. Join us in a virtual classroom for a 3 1/2-day dive into Financial Strategies. We'll take a comprehensive look at profitability sources, capital management issues, rating agencies, industry-specific accounting practices, and M&A activity. Using a computer-based simulation, you'll gain a realistic view of the business through the strategic and tactical decisions leaders make.

Financial Strategies
July 13 – 16

Make 'Cents' of the Retirement Industry

Today's disruptions make it important to understand how your company makes money. Knowledge of the financial aspects of the retirement industry can equip you to take on new challenges and responsibilities. The new, interactive, online course — SRI 240 — Profitability in the Retirement Business will give you a "big picture" view of the financial aspects of the retirement business so you can be successful in your role. Details and register.

Financial Wellness Initiative


“Financial wellness” dominates industry headlines — and has become a buzzword for advisors, employers, benefit companies, and retirement firms. But what does financial wellness really mean?

LL Global — in cooperation with PwC and executives from member companies — created a task force to address this essential question. Coming up with a working definition of financial wellness — being confident in your financial situation, able to withstand unexpected expenses, and enjoy a financially secure future — was just the first step.

Benefits & Goals

This ongoing financial wellness initiative will provide:

  • Measurement of consumer financial wellness (Financial Wellness Index [FWI])
  • Ongoing research/articles on financial wellness and emergency savings
  • Continued discussion via industry forums, webinars, and workshops

We encourage you to become part of the financial wellness conversation! Learn more about consumer needs and industry opportunities on our financial wellness resource page.

Why Is Financial Literacy So Important?

LIMRA Research Director Alison Salka, Ph.D. and Jamie Ohl, executive vice president and president of Retirement Plan Services for Lincoln Financial Group, discuss the consequences of consumers' lack of knowledge around financial products and services and how the Secure Retirement Institute is working to improve financial literacy.

Upcoming Conferences

2021 Life Insurance Conference

4/14/2021 - 5/12/2021

This cross-functional, virtual event provides the opportunity to learn from and interact with those across all segments of the life insurance industry. We’ll cover the important issues and identify strategies that will shape the industry's future.


2021 Retirement Industry Conference

5/12/2021 - 6/14/2021

This important conference covers the latest strategic, sales, product, operations and administration, marketing and distribution trends, as well as regulatory issues that impact the retirement industry.


Live & On Demand Webinars

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The Workplace Benefits Report - April, 2021

4/22/2021 1 - 1:30 p.m. EDT

2020 was a year like no other. Join Pat Leary, Corporate Vice President, Workplace Benefits Research as he reviews year-end workplace benefits insurance sales and shares new insights for 2021.

The Drive to Digital: Creating Enduring Employee Engagement


This webinar will share how human and digital solutions are aligning to create engaging digital experiences and enduring employee engagement.

The Future of Life Insurance: Reimagining the Industry for the Decade Ahead


As we look ahead to the future of life insurance and annuities, what are the trends that will continue to shape the industry? What changes have we seen over the last year that will persist post-COVID-19? How will the accelerating pace of automation change the nature of jobs across the insurance industry? How will all of this affect the insurance industry’s ability to serve the growing need of the underinsured and uninsured in the U.S.?

Featured Publication

Research Resources

Fact Book on Retirement Income

The Fact Book provides an analysis of the retirement income market by different segments, demographics, or retirement status.

Workplace Benefits Resource Guide

Access a single, comprehensive source of workplace benefits market information to guide decisions and to develop and deliver promising solutions.

U.S. Individual Life Insurance Yearbook

Read the most comprehensive overview of the U.S. individual life insurance market. This includes how consumers feel about the amount of coverage they have and their reasons for owning or not owning.

U.S. Individual Annuity Yearbook

How did sales of individual annuities fare in 2022?


Meet Your Personal Education Advisors

Do you have the tools you need to manage the challenges ahead? Learn more about how Sharyn Kessler and Melanie McHugh, Personal Education Advisors at LL Global, can help you in your professional development journey.

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