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We Took Action

The world experienced an extraordinary year in 2020. Every country, every company, and every individual was touched by the global pandemic in some way.

At LL Global (LIMRA/LOMA/SRI), we moved fast to support our members where they needed the most help. This video, debuted at our 2020 LIMRA Annual Conference, highlights some of our work.

Professional Development

Learning Live Series

Registration is now open for our early 2021 Learning Live sessions! Each session covers a subject specific to the life insurance and financial services industry. Expert instructors clearly and concisely explain key concepts and answer your questions. Interactive discussions help you learn and clarify your understanding. Join us for a new Customer Experience session, the Life Insurance Industry Overview, or Introduction to Annuities. Details.

Engage With Expert Instructors — Virtually!

Virtual Insurance Immersion gives new employees and rising leaders a holistic view of the insurance industry, life and annuity products, key operational areas, and how insurers make money. In several short sessions over 4 days, learners actively participate in discussions and small-group activities with expert instructors, so they stay engaged. Let LOMA's industry expertise help you build a solid foundation for career success. Join Virtual Immersion April 20 – 23, 2021. Details and register.

Coming November 30 — Revised LOMA 371 With a Self-Proctored Exam Option!

The new edition of LOMA 371 — Risk Management and Product Development for Life Insurance Companies will be offered as an interactive e-book with a self-proctored exam options beginning November 30. This will now give you the opportunity to complete the entire FLMI without the need for a proctored exam! LOMA 371 will help you understand the strong connection between risk management and product development and how both areas of the company support insurer solvency and profitability. Learn more about the revised LOMA 371!

Learning Resources

On Demand Webinars

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Continue to Learn Throughout Your Career

LOMA offers a wide range of courses, designations, and resources to help you at any point during your career. We’ve broken down these learning opportunities for you in convenient segments so you can browse by career stage or line of business to find a next step that fits your needs.

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Resource Magazine

Research Resources

Fact Book on Retirement Income

The Fact Book provides an analysis of the retirement income market by different segments, demographics, or retirement status.

Workplace Benefits Resource Guide

Access a single, comprehensive source of workplace benefits market information to guide decisions and to develop and deliver promising solutions.

U.S. Individual Life Insurance Yearbook

Read the most comprehensive overview of the U.S. individual life insurance market. This includes how consumers feel about the amount of coverage they have and their reasons for owning or not owning.

U.S. Individual Annuity Yearbook

How did sales of individual annuities fare in 2022?

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