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According to the most recentDebunking Myths About Life Insurance LIMRA U.S. life insurance ownership study, 60 million American households need more life insurance. On a positive note, only one in five households with children under 18 are uninsured — 3.7 million fewer households, compared with 2010 results (the last time LIMRA conducted the study). Yet, among the uninsured households:

There are many myths circulating around consumers’ perceptions about life insurance. For example, do consumers believe life insurance is irrelevant? How do they want to purchase life insurance? Is life insurance only for the rich?

In the new LIMRA Unplugged episode, LIMRA Research Director Alison Salka and Chief Membership Officer Jim Kerley address five myths about life insurance. To watch the video podcast please visit: Debunking Five Myths About Life Insurance Ownership in the U.S.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month 
As part of LIMRA’s support of the Life Insurance Awareness Month campaign, we have gathered facts, charts, and other resources - including the video podcast - in one place to help the media as they cover this important campaign. To view these resources, please visit our LIAM page.

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