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Iindustry-strong-image2.JPGn an effort to help its members and other industry stakeholders keep abreast of all the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and keep moving forward, LL Global, the parent company for LIMRA, LOMA and Secure Retirement Institute, has developed a special web page titled, Industry Strong Resources.

Each week LL Global updates the publically available site with learning opportunities, new research and resources to keep its members and the industry informed and productive in their new remote offices.

The Industry Strong page contains professional development resources to help member company employees advance their knowledge while working remotely. Recent offerings include the Associate, Life Management Institute™ (ALMI®) designation, which is a globally recognized educational standard indicating that those who have earned it understand the core products and operations of life insurance companies and comprehend the financial concepts that all insurance professionals frequently encounter.

For those not up for a full designation course, there are also live, interactive, two-hour sessions that address an industry-specific topic in an online virtual classroom. These sessions—which include an industry overview and a course on life insurance products—provide foundational knowledge for anyone who is new to the industry or simply needs to boost their understanding of specific areas of the business.

The page is also chock full of virtual working resources and tips for how to communicate effectively from home. It includes tips for working in a virtual environment, a virtual worker assessment and a virtual worker survival skills course.

Another way to gain knowledge and insights from the safety of your home is by taking part in an upcoming or on-demand webinar. On April 29, Skip Edmonds, head of regulatory compliance for LL Global, will host a webinar titled, “Compliance in the Time of COVID-19: The New Normal.” There are also links to pre-recorded webinars on topics including cybersecurity and how COVID-19 is impacting the U.S. financial system.

Also available on the page is access to the latest LIMRA and LOMA research on how COVID-19 is affecting the industry. Latest research includes:

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