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WINDSOR, Conn. Apr 10, 2019 – LIMRA and Hoopis Performance Network (HPN) announced today that they unveiled Trustworthy Selling 2.0 at their official preview day which was held at the HPN Headquarters in Northfield, Illinois.

The updates to their award-winning sales effectiveness program are significant and born from an industry that has been plagued by low productivity and retention for years. From its inception, LIMRA and HPN set out to address these issues head on and create a real solution with real results. Additionally, the new release is focused on the changing dynamics and new generation of learners and consumers.

“According to LIMRA research, nearly 1 in 4 consumers rank trust as the most important factor when choosing an advisor. Having the skills to build that trust with your potential clients is important and leads to more enduring client relationships and increased sales,” said Kathryn Reid, vice president, LIMRA Talent Solutions. “Building on the core strengths of the original Trustworthy Selling, we have modernized the new program to offer a more interactive, immersive experience for sales professionals.”

Using LIMRA’s latest research into consumer behavior and behavioral finance in collaboration with HPN’s vast and proven expertise in advisor development, Trustworthy Selling 2.0 has been re-engineered to help financial professionals build deeper, long lasting relationships with their clients and bridging the consumer trust gap. While the new program has many new upgrades like learning-centric videos, greater diversity and modernized concepts, it will still offer the trusted insights skills and tools from the previous version. Their new version of training equips financial professionals to successfully engage today's consumers, establish a trusting relationship with their clients and increase sales.

Today’s advisor population is shifting as Millennials begin to join the ranks. Trustworthy Selling 2.0 combines proven language with leading research, dynamic tools and new technology, to help companies build a more powerful, loyal and productive distribution force. Completing the training will empower sales professionals to work smarter and connect more meaningfully with their customers. It will transform their transactions into enduring relationships.

“Our unique collaboration with LIMRA has produced a program, which has helped almost 15,000 financial professionals improve their productivity, leading to greater retention and overall success,” said Harry Hoopis, chief executive officer, Hoopis Performance Network. While Reid noted, “LIMRA's Business Impact Results Tracking study found that the financial professionals who took the training saw up to 30% lift in their productivity.”

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