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Our Fast Track to Sales Certification boosts new agents’ confidence in selling and propels them to a fast start within their natural markets. Supported by global industry trends and market intelligence, this dynamic program delivers four phased learning segments.

As part of LIMRA Digital Learning Academy programs, our Fast Track to Sales Certification is designed with one goal: help your new agents get off to fast start and turn exceptional new agents into successful financial advisors right from the start. 

New and first year agents will:

  • Benefit from the field-tested insights and practices of industry sales agents.
  • Master fundamental knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the first 90-180 days of business.
  • Develop sales skills and gain industry insights needed to stay ahead of others and succeed.

The program includes four mandatory micro digital learning courses and a series of micro assessments to ensure the learners master the learning contents and skills:

  1. New Agent Onboarding
  2. Principles of Life Insurance and Its Products
  3. Essential Sales Skills
  4. Product Benefit Statements

Learners also gain free access to LIMRA's Digital Market Scan Resources – which provide industry and global trend information during the learning period.

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