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Quickly see the size and financial profile of wealth segments in the U. S. to spot market opportunities.


This LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute report provides a brief, insightful summary of six different wealth segments in the U.S.: Low-Net-Worth, Middle market, Mass Affluent, Affluent, High-Net-Worth, and Mega-Millionaires. At a glance, you’ll see each segment’s size (in households), investable assets by retirement status, financial profile, and retirement needs and opportunities. Use it spot openings for growing your share of the retirement business.

  • Follow the money: Retired and pre-retiree households (age 55 or older and still working) together own $32 trillion — more than three-fourths of all investable assets.
  • Have a plan to engage: Advisors and firms should consider how their own long-term strategies and product mix should align with the needs of their target segments — based on size, age, assets, and potential growth or retention of assets.

No part of any report may be reproduced or translated without written permission from LIMRA. Please contact Customer Service for further information.

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