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Take a deeper dive into which features were selected with annuity products in 2021.


Learn more about annuity market sales including product sales, offerings, crediting methods, numerous indices allocation options, and income protection.

To better understand the annuity market, LIMRA surveyed its member companies. The survey examined the annuity business sold in 2021.

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Reports in the Series

A Deeper Dive: 2021 Traditional Variable Annuities

Sep 27, 2023

Traditional variable annuity products offer the benefits of tax-deferred investing, optional guaranteed living and death benefits, and a plethora of investing options. LIMRA surveyed its member companies active in this segment to better understand the traditional variable annuity market.

A Deeper Dive: 2021 Income Annuity Market

Feb 1, 2023

Take a deeper dive into income annuities which offer the most efficient income streams with the use of mortality credits for guaranteed lifetime income.

A Deeper Dive - 2021 Fixed-Rate Deferred Annuity Sales

Sep 19, 2022

Take a deeper dive into which features (such as durations, death benefits, and more) were selected in fixed-rate deferred annuity products in 2021.

A Deeper Dive - 2021 Fixed Indexed Annuity Sales

Sep 14, 2022

Take a deeper dive at what features such as crediting strategies, indices, durations, death benefits and more were selected in fixed indexed annuity products in 2021.

A Deeper Dive: 2021 Registered Index-Linked Annuity Sales

Aug 29, 2022

As registered index-linked sales continue their strong growth pattern in 2021, a lot of similarities were seen in the election of protection type, crediting methods, and indices selected.

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