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The compensation plan is a company’s primary driver of behavior.  It provides the blueprint for a company to achieve its sales and profitability goals. To be truly effective, compensation must work with all aspects of a company. That's why our approach integrates compensation design with company strategy, culture, and pricing.

While one of the riskiest things a company can do is change its compensation system, it can also be one of the most immediately beneficial changes that drives results.

No other consulting firm is better positioned to help with this complex issue than the industry leader — LIMRA. Our roster of over 100 clients includes more than 50 of the industry's largest companies. Our consultants work side by side with members to create a system that works best for their company and culture. Our financial modeling capabilities offer you a compensation system that is fully tested prior to implementation.

LIMRA’s compensation system:

  • Stimulates additional sales
  • Is understandable, fair, and equitable
  • Has been thoroughly tested before implementation
  • Is reinforced by company recognition and training
  • Fits product pricing and competitive needs
  • Is clearly linked to the company's distribution strategy

We work with you to create the compensation system that's best for your company and distribution channels.

Contact LIMRA Consulting

Sean F. O'Donnell, M.B.A., LLIF

Senior Vice President, Head of Membership, Workplace Benefits, and Applied Research Solutions

Work Phone: (860) 298-3913

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