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Create an attraction and development machine

Attract, assess, onboard, and develop a new generation of sales talent with LIMRA’s proprietary research, industry knowledge, and expertise. We will help you translate business objectives into practices that maximize results.

Custom Program Development

Keeping up with today’s consumers, candidates, sales professionals, and technological advances seems overwhelming. LIMRA can help. Whether you are making major changes at your organization or have smaller concerns, our custom solutions enable you to improve sales and retention by making direct connections between LIMRA’s latest research and your business realities.

We always begin with a discovery process, taking a thorough look at where you’re struggling and where our programs would work best.

You can rest assured that your organization will get the right combination of developmental assessments, custom research and tracking, training events, and performance coaching. We know every organization works differently, so we tailor our programs and tools to meet your needs.

Repurposing Content for Virtual Delivery

Designing virtual/online training programs requires an approach that embodies technological capabilities and embraces the principles of adult learning. Simply popping your PowerPoint slides into an online delivery platform doesn't work! 

We can help you with every facet of your transition to virtual delivery:

  • Evaluate your training content prior to embarking on the transition process
  • Repurpose and redesign content for virtual delivery
  • Convert exercises and activities in ways that foster interactivity and engagement
  • Explore virtual classroom technologies and capabilities
  • Maintain high levels of engagement during live, online delivery

Organizational Development

The success of your organization hinges on its ability to effectively meet its strategic objectives. This topic strikes close to home at our organizations because of our historical backgrounds as member-owned associations: We are always focused on helping our clients succeed.

Organizational development consultation allows us to work collaboratively with you and your team to clarify strategic objectives and gain critical insights into your work culture. Together, we build on your company’s strengths to

  • Improve organizational effectiveness
  • Achieve crucial objectives
  • Attain meaningful, sustainable change

Performance Consultation

Today’s business environment demands top performance by everyone on your team. We can help anyone and everyone in your organization enhance performance by working with you to develop and implement professional development programs to meet your unique needs. 

Our consultants will work closely with you to learn how we can help the people in your organization grow and become more productive for today and the future. We can incorporate all or portions of existing programs, or design entirely new programs addressing a specific need.

Selection Review Process

Crucial to your organization’s continued success are the people you attract, recruit, and select. In a Selection Process Review, we’ll work with your key players to

  • Clarify your organization’s objectives and priorities
  • Determine key work activities and behaviors that people must perform to help you achieve those objectives
  • Pinpoint basic talents need to perform those behaviors
  • Identify processes that will help you attract, recruit, select, and train top performers

Building on job analysis research that meets stringent professional and legal standards, we help you establish processes that systematically link business outcomes to underlying personnel talents.

Contact LIMRA Consulting

Sean F. O'Donnell, M.B.A., LLIF

Senior Vice President, Member Relations and Consulting

Work Phone: (860) 298-3913

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