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Carla Baldivia

Carla Baldivia

Senior EMEA Executive

Work Phone: +34 6 100 111 33

Bernard Retali

Bernard Retali


Retali is responsible for LIMRA’s overall operations in Europe, Middle East & Africa with over 25 years of industry experience. 

During his career, Retali served for 12 years as CEO and Chairman of life insurance companies and Pension Funds in Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Czech Republic. In 2003, he founded two companies in Barcelona: INOV Finance consulting company dedicated to the insurance and bancassurance industry, and INOV Expat broker dedicated to the expat community.

Retali has a Master Degree in Business Law (Paris University) and a Ph.D from le Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Paris). He is fluent in six languages (FR, ENG, ES, IT, PL, PT). 

Work Phone: +34 93 343 52 59

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