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The LIMRA LifeSource data will include, but is not limited to, the following information:

Details regarding key product features and riders 

  • maximum and minimum issue ages
  • maximum and minimum issue amounts
  • underwriting classes available
  • current and guaranteed interest rates
  • dividend rate (whole life)
  • indexing strategies (IUL)
  • fund options (VUL)
  • surrender charges
  • loan information
  • free withdrawals
  • premium guarantee specifications
  • riders available
  • policy fees
  • retention limits
  • distribution channels

Policy design objectives

  • cash accumulation
  • maximize income in retirement
  • low cost death benefit, etc.

Illustrated premium, current and guaranteed cash values, and current and guaranteed death benefits by product type  

  • Specified policy years and representative cells (age, gender, risk class, face amount, and funding pattern)**

Actual performance information for participating whole life products over 10, 20 and 30 year periods 

  • actual premiums
  • dividends (actual and illustrated)
  • cash value (actual and illustrated)
  • death benefit
  • death benefit and cash value internal rates of return (IRR)
  • terminal dividends
  • interest adjusted payment index
  • interest adjusted surrender cost index

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