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Men vs. Women: Who makes the financial decisions?

New LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute research finds that women are more likely to share the financial decisions with their spouses, compared with men.

Recruiting and Promoting Women in Financial Service Industry Makes Good Business Sense

There’s a reason financial services companies are encouraging more women to join their ranks: it’s good business.

LIMRA: Women Still Lag Men in Life Insurance Ownership

WINDSOR, Conn., Nov. 16, 2016—A new LIMRA study finds only 56 percent of American women have life insurance coverage.

LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute: Women Rate Financial Risks Higher than Men

A new LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute study finds female pre-retirees (age 50 and older, not retired) are more worried than men about the impact of financial risks they may face in retirement – both in the likelihood and severity of the effect on their retirement security.

LIMRA Study: Women Save 40 Percent Less for Retirement Than Men

WINDSOR, Conn., Feb. 3, 2011 — Despite similar individual and household characteristics, the retirement savings of working women lag significantly behind those of men, according to a new research study by LIMRA.

Life Insurance Ownership Gap Closes Between Men and Women, LIMRA Finds

But Women’s Coverage Levels Still Remain Below Men's.