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Mission Statement

This committee serves as a collaborative team of contemporary thought leaders in the discipline of field development and performance. Our mission is to provide an exchange of ideas for the benefit of the member companies and for LIMRA research, products, solutions and implementation of programs that support our respective goals and results.

Each committee member accepts responsibility for:

  • Active participation in the Committee for the benefit of the financial services industry, LIMRA member companies and FDPC 
  • Attendance and delivering constructive value to the scheduled FDPC monthly teleconferences and face-to-face meetings
  • Serving as a strategic advisor to LIMRA, as appropriate, by participating in member company surveys related to field development and performance of managers and producers
  • Providing relevant input and feedback for current and/or potential LIMRA sponsored seminars, courses, publications, reports and committee meetings
  • Engagement in the identification of specific FDPC projects resulting in timely delivery of recommendations and/or findings to LIMRA member companies 
  • Partnering and/or participating with other financial services industry associations to efficiently and effectively leverage resources

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