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Mission The purpose of the Roundtable is to discuss issues related specifically to the development, marketing and sales of guaranteed income products made available to defined contribution plan participants through an employer-sponsored plan. As this is a new and rapidly expanding product category, the discussion will examine all aspects of product manufacture and distribution. Membership This Study Group is recommended for individuals responsible for developing in-plan guaranteed income products and marketing programs. These may include the Retirement Plans, Retirement Income or Annuity businesses within their organization. Limit of three representatives per organization.

Target Membership: Mid to Senior Level Product Development, Investment Management or Strategic roles in In-Plan Retirement Income Product Development, Marketing or Strategy.

Typical Topics Discussed: Administration, Philosophical quandaries ie., Are 401 (k)s the right vehicle for income solutions? Regulatory challenges, Portability, Products and services beyond (and including in-plan) annuities, Product Innovation.

Please contact your Member Relations Director for more information.

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