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LIMRA's Center of Excellence for Analytics

The LIMRA Center of Excellence for Analytics is helping shape the future of insurance by

  • Exploring and applying the latest statistical techniques to our vast collection of industry data
  • Publishing cutting-edge analytics research as a member benefit
  • Consulting with companies on analytics projects
  • Fostering ties between analytics professionals across the industry
  • Supporting LOMA analytics education initiatives

About LIMRA's Center of Excellence for Analytics

We believe the future of insurance will rely on the power of analytics. Our team of data modelers is partnering with members to ask important questions, find root causes, and drive business results. We are analyzing our extensive industry data, collecting fresh input, and creating new predictive models.

Current Papers

Research from the Center of Excellence

The Drivers of Life Insurance Purchase Behavior: Predicting Who Will Buy (2018)

Nov 15, 2018

What makes people more likely to buy life insurance? The latest paper from LIMRA’s Center of Excellence for Analytics quantifies the triggers.

Predicting and Preventing Variable Annuity Surrenders (2018)

Oct 3, 2018

The latest paper from LIMRA’s Center of Excellence for Analytics lays out our full findings on how companies can predict and prevent variable annuity surrenders.

Predicting Variable Annuity Surrenders with the SEMMA Process (2018)

Aug 31, 2018

The first paper from LIMRA’s Center of Excellence for Analytics uses variable annuity surrenders as a case study to discuss our modeling process and show the value of analytics in our research.

Upcoming Projects

  • Agent Production and Retention: This paper will discuss the development of models that use LIMRA data on agent demographics and performance measures collected from participating companies to predict which agents:
    • Will produce the most revenue
    • Will be retained longer by their company
    • Have the greatest lifetime value to their company
  • Annuity Buyer Propensity Modeling: Using customer demographics and behavioral factors, this paper will discuss the models developed to predict who is more likely to buy annuities.
  • Fixed Index Annuity Surrender Modeling: Using contract features and customer demographics, this paper will discuss the primary factors that predict which fixed index annuity customers are more likely to surrender their contracts.
  • Long-Term Care Lapse Modeling: Using policy features and customer demographics, this paper will discuss the top predictive factors for identifying long-term care policyholders are most likely to lapse their policies.

To learn more: Contact Vikram Kamath at 860-298-3833 or

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About Vikram Kamath

Vikram Kamath

Senior Data Scientist and Director Of Analytics

Vikram has been Director of the LIMRA Center of Excellence for Analytics since it was founded in August 2017. Prior to joining LIMRA, he spent five years working at Travelers Insurance, most recently as a data scientist in the bond division, where he led analytics research projects and built predictive models to help executives set business strategy. Vikram holds a Master of Science degree in Business Analytics from the University of Connecticut School of Business, and an undergraduate degree from Cornell University.


Work Phone: (860) 298-3833

About Our Partnership with the University of Connecticut

We have partnered with the University of Connecticut’s Center for the Advancement of Business Analytics to access different perspectives and diverse analytic skills. This will help us develop projects that benefit the industry as a whole help and help LIMRA members advance their data analytics initiatives.