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Disruption with a Capital 'D'

11/16/2017 12 - 1 p.m.


Who Should Watch

Individuals responsible for setting strategy or driving innovation and anyone concerned about the threat of disruption.

This is a LIMRA member benefit webinar. Registration is open to home/corporate office employees of LIMRA member companies. Membership will be verified upon registration.


Disruption is among today's most misused buzzwords. People frequently use it to describe innovations regardless of their impact, as well as anything that presents even a mild challenge to an organization. But disruption is more than that. Disruptors can severely impact revenue or have a crippling effect on a business or an entire industry.

What forces truly pose the greatest disruptive threats to the financial services industry? Where may they come from? What can companies and the industry in general do to guard against them?

In this webinar, we will take:

  • 5 minutes to define disruption and where it might come from
  • 10 minutes to share 10 actions you can take to fend off disruption
  • 15 minutes to answer questions and explore issues with the audience


Scott R. Kallenbach, FLMI
Research Director, Strategic Research, LIMRA

Scott R. Kallenbach, FLMI

Research Director, Strategic Research, LIMRA

Scott leads LIMRA’s Strategic Research program, which stimulates thought and facilitates management decision making by identifying and examining issues impacting the financial services industry. During the past year he has recently led research on lowering barriers to buying insurance with clear and effectively communications; and growing sales by forging connections with today’s distracted. With over 25 years of market and strategic research experience, Scott is a frequent speaker at industry forums, and is a regular contributor to the trade press, including LIMRA’s flagship publication, LIMRA’s MarketFacts Quarterly.
Eric T. Sondergeld, ASA, CFA
Corporate Vice President and Director, LIMRA

Eric T. Sondergeld, ASA, CFA

Corporate Vice President and Director, LIMRA

Eric Sondergeld is corporate vice president and director at LIMRA, leading the technology research and developmental and strategic research teams. In this role, he is charged with ensuring LIMRA produces relevant research to help member companies effectively utilize technology, examines strategic issues that may impact the industry, and monitors trends in the global financial services marketplace. He spearheads efforts to expand LIMRA’s research and determine new ways to ensure the data keeps pace with industry changes. He has also led LIMRA’s retirement, distribution, and international research programs.

Sondergeld graduated from the University of Massachusetts.

Contact us to learn more:

Joanne Listro

Sr. Business Unit Coordinator

(860) 285-7822

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