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Como crear una organización de alto rendimiento

9/23/2020 1 - 2 p.m. EST


Who Should Watch

Personas que tengan la responsabilidad de gestionar equipos. Aplicabilidad para líderes en áreas funcionales y ventas.

This session will be presented in Spanish.


Join us for a full hour of information on how to create a high performing organization.  Topics of discussion and key takeaways from this presentation will include:

  • Nuevos retos de las organizaciones ante los nuevos escenarios y desafíos
  • Cambios de paradigmas y nuevos dilemas
  • El mundo VUCA ha muerto. Bienvenido el mundo VI2RCA2S
  • La adversidad como nuevo paradigma de normalidad
  • Cisnes negros, rinocerontes grises, medusas negras y elefantes negros
  • Prospectiva estratégica. La nueva mirada
  • Las personas: principal driver del éxito de las Organizaciones
  • Liderar la mediocridad o la excelencia. Talento de la Organización
  • Nuevos liderazgos y nuevos talentos
  • Que diferencia a las organizaciones de rendimiento excepcional y continuado
  • Equipos de Alto Rendimiento (EAR): cuando la excelencia no es suficiente
  • Palancas para la transformación: Cultura, liderazgo, talento e innovación
  • Alinear toda la organización a la competitividad y la orientación a resultados. Crear una cultura de superación
  • La nueva empresa post COVID19 C2A5R3S4


Marcos Urarte
President, Grupo Pharos

Marcos Urarte

President, Grupo Pharos

Marcos Urarte is part of the prestigious HAC Leadership & Management of New York, alongside Barack Obama, Ndaba Mandela and Kathleen Kennedy. He is a visiting professor at several Business Schools, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the National University of Singapore (NUS) which has been noted as the best University in Asia with the prestigious "Oxford Scenarios Planning Approach" Program. His work has been published in prestigious publications such as the Harvard Business Review, and he is a regular speaker at events and conferences. Marcos is the co-author of several books and is one of the professionals that appears in the international study "Essentials of Management" carried out in 2014 by ECOFIN, alongside Michael Porter, Peter Drucker, Daniel Goleman, Paul Krugman and Peter Senge.

He is a member of the Think Tank “Club of Rome”, “International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) of the United Kingdom”, “Elcano Institute” and of the “Geopolitical Club”. He is also a mentor in the international competition for the Santander X Global Award, held jointly with MIT, and a member of the Jury of the international contest aimed at young entrepreneurs and researchers launched by MIT Technology Review. He belongs to the Strategic Reflection Group of the Defense Staff and to the Strategic Foresight Commission of the Institute for Strategic Studies of Spain (IEEE), and is a collaborator of the World Bank and the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF).  Marcos is an Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya and Systems Engineer from the University of Fujitsu Limited in Tokyo (Japan).

Contact us to learn more:

Mr. Jinhai Guo

International Conference Coordinator


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