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Taking Selection Seriously: Why It’s More Important Than Ever

6/24/2021 1 - 1:45 p.m. EDT


Who Should Watch

Heads of Recruiting, Selection & Distribution Management and Heads of Human Resources who are responsible for recruiting and selecting the next generation of field sales talent.  


The COVID-19 pandemic, and the widespread economic fallout produced in its wake, brought a number of unwelcome challenges and consequences. One area where drastic changes were witnessed is the labor market — specifically in the context of employment.

Notably, sky-high unemployment rates seen in 2020, coupled with many workers facing reduced hours and/or income, and small business closures created a larger population of people seeking new job opportunities.

This presents a bigger pool of applicants and candidates for many industries, including financial services.  Great news, right?  Well, not necessarily. 

In order to successfully navigate the current reality, we need a strong selection philosophy, now more than ever.

LL Global introduces an assessment system that allows you to create a tailored candidate journey that best fits your sales culture and hiring objectives. We understand the hiring and onboarding challenges unique to our industry and have created a solution that will inform and delight each one of your users – from your candidates to your recruiters.


Rick Funke
Assistant Vice President, Assessment and Development, LIMRA

Rick Funke

Assistant Vice President, Assessment and Development, LIMRA

Rick leads our client relations team and consults with clients to help them maximize the return on their recruiting and selection investment. In this role, he is involved with consultation, design, and delivery of recruiting and selection solutions based on individual client needs. Rick also plays an active role in product development and enhancement by serving as a liaison between customers and product development teams. Rick presents recruiting and retention best practices at conferences and company meetings worldwide.
Sarah Sears
AVP, Product Innovation & Development, LIMRA

Sarah Sears

AVP, Product Innovation & Development, LIMRA

Sarah Sears is the AVP, Product Innovation & Development for LIMRA’s Talent Solutions group. She is responsible for the strategic guidance of the development and management of products. In her role, she translates research insights into solutions that improve the effectiveness and productivity of sales professionals, leaders, and employees in the financial services industry. Throughout her 14 years at LIMRA, she has developed engaging, innovative solutions that make industry research accessible and actionable. Sarah earned a BA in Anthropology and Sociology-based Human Relations from Connecticut College and an MBA from the UMass Isenberg School.

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