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Financial Wellness Initiative


“Financial wellness” dominates industry headlines — and has become a buzzword for advisors, employers, benefit companies, and retirement firms. But what does financial wellness really mean?

LL Global — in cooperation with PwC and executives from member companies — created a task force to address this essential question. Coming up with a working definition of financial wellness — being confident in your financial situation, able to withstand unexpected expenses, and enjoy a financially secure future — was just the first step.

Benefits & Goals

This ongoing financial wellness initiative will provide:

  • Measurement of consumer financial wellness (Financial Wellness Index [FWI])
  • Ongoing research/articles on financial wellness and emergency savings
  • Continued discussion via industry forums, webinars, and workshops

We encourage you to become part of the financial wellness conversation! Learn more about consumer needs and industry opportunities on our financial wellness resource page.

How COVID-19 Has Affected the Retirement Business

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