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Windsor, CT, May 3, 2005 — Financial services association LIMRA International announces a strategic partnership with Pinpoint Global Communications, a firm that provides online sales, training, and communications programs to the financial services industry.

"LIMRA research confirms that the vast majority of producers use Web-based tools to provide better client service and increase productivity and sales," said Bob Kerzner, president and CEO of LIMRA. "Insurance and financial services firms can use new communications tools to reach their producers quickly with a consistent message, and track their program results."

Through its integrated audio and video programs, organizations can use Pinpoint's technology to launch products, conduct training, and communicate key messages. LIMRA has begun using Pinpoint to enhance its communication with more than 800 member companies and as many as 30,000 individual users.

"When tied to an overall distribution strategy, these tools increase producer productivity, drive sales, and provide a significant return on investment," Kerzner added.

Pinpoint Global customizes its turnkey programs to the specific needs of financial services companies — programs that support a fast-paced environment with on-demand communications, are available 24/7, are interactive, and continuously track producer interest and response.

"We're proud to work with LIMRA not only as a strategic partner but also as a client, and look forward to continue using on-demand communications to benefit LIMRA, its members, and the industry," said Bob Sullivan, CEO of Pinpoint Global. "As a LIMRA communications partner, our technology will extend LIMRA's reach and enhance its breadth of offerings for research and consulting and compliance services.

"Using Pinpoint as a new medium will also raise awareness among LIMRA members that this sophisticated Web-based solution is available, production-proven, and being used by leading companies," Sullivan said.

About LIMRA International

LIMRA International is a worldwide research, consulting and professional development organization that helps more than 850 insurance and financial services companies in 73 countries increase their marketing and distribution effectiveness. Visit LIMRA at

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