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WINDSOR, Conn., April 8, 2019 – LIMRA and LOMA announced today that the annual 2019 Canada Conference will feature top industry experts and professionals who will address the disruptive forces in the industry. The one-day conference will take place on May 8, 2019, at the Manulife headquarters in Toronto.

Several sessions will follow the theme of the event, Transruption: Evolution through Agility and Resilience, as speakers will address how to use disruption to generate positive change in companies.

In his morning keynote speech, Kartik Sakthivel, chief information officer, LIMRA and LOMA, will discuss the rapidly changing business landscape. Sakthivel will address how the digital revolution is forcing businesses to evolve and where to remain focused in this new climate.

Christopher McDaniel, president, The Institutes’ RiskBlock Alliance, will speak about the implication that blockchain could have on the insurance industry. He will explore how blockchain could become the beating heart of the global financial system and the significance it could have on industry standards.

Also presenting will be Michael Cunneen, senior vice president at Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life and Rob Hollingsworth, head of distribution for individual insurance, Manulife. Cunneen and Hollingsworth will discuss changes that each of their organizations have been undertaking as they try to be more customer centric.

Additional conference sessions:

As many as 100 industry leaders from 40 companies throughout Canada will attend the conference to learn from and engage with thought leaders and industry experts who will share their knowledge, strategies and insights.

For more information and to register online, please visit: 2019 LIMRA LOMA Canada Annual Conference.


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