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Every year, we publish research reports on topics including products, markets, distribution, technology, and industry trends.

Building a Secure Future: Retirement Planning Activities

Aug 12, 2022

How much retirement planning have pre-retirees and retirees done?

U.S. Individual Life — Quarterly COVID-19 Reported Claims Updates

Aug 12, 2022

These quarterly reports provide an update of COVID-19 and pandemic related reported claims. Data from 32 companies representing approximately 72 percent of the industry face amount in-force are included in this analysis. LIMRA, RGA, TAI, and the SOA jointly collected the data supporting the results of this report.

Life Insurance: Middle-Income Households

Aug 10, 2022

Middle-income households are juggling their current needs with financial goals.

2021–2022 Benchmarking Employer Survey: Benefits Penetration Rates, Funding, and Participation

Aug 3, 2022

View the current landscape of employee benefits by exploring the results of 2021–2022 employer research.

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