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Handling Requests for Proposals for Group Insurance Products (MarketScan 2023)

Explore how group insurance carriers handle requests for proposals.

MarketFacts August 2023 Review

Articles from the August 2023 issue of MarketFacts

How Are We Going to Reverse This Trend?

Many Americans live with a life insurance coverage gap. Learn the reasons people don’t buy life insurance and where you can find helpful resources to engage and educate consumers.

Navigating the Shifting Life Insurance Landscape

There are numerous forces shaping today’s life insurance landscape. Which factors will most affect your firm’s ability to keep pace and grow?

Choosing a Financial Professional: What Attributes Are Important to Consumers?

Many things influence consumers when choosing a financial advisor. See how gender, age and various attributes play into their choice.

Playing for Keeps: Strengthening Retention Through Professional Development

Feeling “cared for” by their employer is important to employees’ general health, happiness and engagement. How does your organization need to change to make that happen?

Trends & Insights

Beginning with this issue, you will be able to find many of the same great features and content previously found in Member Connection in this Trends & Insights section of MarketFacts — giving you access to our full menu of content in one publication. Enjoy your expanded issue of MarketFacts!

How Generational Preferences Are Redefining Workplace Benefits

Workers are rethinking what benefits are most important to them. What must employers consider to meet employees’ changing needs?

The View From the Road: Insights Into Asia

Discover some of the consistent themes in work culture, distribution and digital engagement found in Asian markets.

COMMENTARY Maximizing Today’s Bancassurance Model

Data is the most dramatic driver of bancassurance performance in the coming decade. What are some of the complex interdependencies that can hinder success?

Experience Studies Pro: A New Approach for a New Normal

See how this new series of research provides industry-leading analysis and a significant competitive advantage to members and study participants.

Go Configure: Fully Customized Versus Configured Illustration Solutions

For some carriers, a configurable illustration solution will meet the need, but others may need a fully customized solution. Read on to determine which solution best meets your needs.

The Rules of Attraction: Finding and Hiring the Best and Brightest

In the next 15 years, there will be an estimated 400,000 open jobs in the life and annuity industries. Find out what candidates are looking for to help build your talent pipeline.

Barometer Study: Redefining In-Person and Social Media

How is online meeting software, along with apps and social media sites, affecting how people shop for and buy life insurance?

Diversity in Agency-Building Distribution Recruiting

Attracting new financial professionals (FPs) today is a challenge. How does diversity and equity play into the recruiting strategy?

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