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Uncover buyer patterns to strategize future success.

LifeCompass provides vital information for market development, product design, sales and distribution planning, and financial and client management.


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LIMRA's LifeCompass

Accurate, targeted market intelligence at your fingertips

Find the opportunities that best fit your company’s strengths, segmentation approach and business strategy. LifeCompass is your one-stop resource for seeing not only your company’s sales data, but also publicly available demographic information, snapshots against the sales data of other participating companies, and sales for all Retail Individual Life Sales Survey Study participants.

This state-of-the-art online system put the controls in your hands to mine, filter, and analyze data anytime, anywhere, to help you:

  • Answer Business Questions Quickly
  • Expand Sales, Marketing and Competitive Intelligence
  • Enhance Product Development Intelligence
  • Track Distribution Developments

Visualize with Multiple Dashboards

"We had a big women’s market initiative directed by senior management. We needed information on how we compared to our peers in terms of policy sales to women. We had a very hard time finding this information, even internally. We also wanted to figure out how many female agents we had under contract. Normally, it would have taken several hours just to find the right person to ask for our internal data, if it was available at all. Using LifeCompass, we were able to pull together women’s market information for our companies and other companies in 30 to 40 minutes, which otherwise would have taken weeks to collect. "
- LifeCompass User

"Our company uses LifeCompass in annual profit and growth planning. It helps us determine product mix plans for the following year, and we use the average premium per policy data at the state level to help identify states we need to better target."
- LifeCompass User

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For Participating Companies

Participating companies may access their LifeCompass dashboards here.

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Explore your product buyer data and uncover sales and distribution patterns to help predict sales outcomes using LIMRA’s in-depth LifeCompassTM and AnnuityCompassTM database platforms.


Tap into the power of the industry’s first database of annuity buyers and owners.

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