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Data, data, data… and compelling insights! SRI's® Institutional Retirement Reference Guide is a comprehensive desktop compendium of information about workplace retirement.

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Industry Issues

Many factors impact institutional retirement programs, stakeholders, and markets. They include the demographics of workers and the employers, retirement benefits, plan design, the behavioral and attitudinal attributes of stakeholders, and micro and macro economic trends. This compendium provides more than 150 key illustrations — with corresponding explanations and insights — on these factors to help you identify, make sense of, and use its wealth of LIMRA and public data about this critical market.

Key Findings

You will find the information you need in the guide’s five chapters:

  1. The Workforce
  2. Retirement Benefits
  3. Plan Sponsors & Plan Design
  4. Participant Behaviors & Perceptions
  5. Other Forces in Play

The guide is for institutional retirement professionals in any discipline or function. Use its data and insights to inform strategy, product design, marketing, communication, training, and more. You can request a customizable file for any of the exhibits. Please see page 5 of the guide for details.

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