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Retirement Investors Series

Balancing Act

Retirement Timing and Key Considerations

Though the “perfect” time to retire varies by individual, explore reasons workers retire and how availability and eligibility can drive timing.

couple-dancing-smaller.pngThe Desire to Retire: Availability and Eligibility Can Drive Timing

The most common reasons investors retire at a particular age tend to be voluntary and for positive reasons, such as the desire to enjoy retirement as soon as possible, having enough money accumulated, or claiming pension or Social Security benefits.

For pre-retirees, planning to retire at a specific age is commonly motivated by aligning their retirements with eligibility and availability of certain benefits.


Finding Equilibrium: Retirement Timing

Though the “perfect” time to retire varies by individual, many investors align their retirement with availability and eligibility for benefits. No matter where they are in their retirement journey, there are factors that pose risks and raise concerns likely to affect their confidence in the timing of their retirement. Investors can supplement guaranteed income sources with annuities, ensuring that they are able to cover their expenses and increasing their confidence in beginning their retirements when they desire.


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This survey focused on individuals who are most likely to be considered part of the market for products and services for individual retirement products and services, workers and retirees, age 40-85, with household investable assets of $100,000 or more.


1 Direct comparisons between retirees’ actual and pre-retirees’ anticipated age at retirement are of limited use if no attempt is made to control for
current ages of each group. See “Retirement Timing Redux,” MarketFacts, Issue 4, 2019.
2 When Medicare benefits and most workplace pension benefits become available.
3 The earliest Social Security benefits can be claimed.

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