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Companies Collaborate on Relevant and Timely Issues for Deep Insights

Companies team with and through LIMRA to cost-effectively research hot issues. We can help you tackle the following and more:

  • Explore niche market opportunities
  • Evaluate consumer markets and market segments, attitudes, and perceptions
  • Benchmark operational and functional KPIs

Recently Completed Consortia Studies

If you are interested in accessing the results from any of the completed studies, please contact Lynn Ferris or Michelle Lorenz (contact info at the bottom of the page).

Underserved Markets: Priorities and Preferences

Diversity and Inclusion continues to be a topic of concern and focus across our membership, as the financial services industry desires to increase the level of engagement with historically underserved markets.

This study will seek to understand the unique needs, attitudes, and perceptions of various diverse client segments; evaluate how the needs of these segments might differ at various life stages; and uncover consumer preferences for products.

The series includes five reports — Asian Americans, LGBTQ+, Hispanic Americans, Black Americans, and the U.S. general population for comparison.

Download the Study Overview

Understanding the Small Business Owner Opportunity

There are 33.2 million small businesses in the U.S., which accounts for over 99% of all US businesses. Learn about the priorities of small business owners and how insurance products and services can address their needs. Small business owners often represent a complex sale, and the results of this study will serve to guide advanced sales strategies. Although the research will focus on life insurance, it will ask about additional products such as annuities, long term care, and others. Sponsors will have input into the topics addressed by this research.

Download the Study Overview

Annuity Service Turnaround Times

The individual Annuity Service Turnaround Times Study is a valuable benchmarking tool to compare your organization's performance to that of other companies. The report provides valuable service time information around various new business and contract owner service functions, as well as other vital information for fixed, variable, and indexed annuities.  Participation in this study can help guide you in setting internal KPIs and performance standards.

Download the Study Overview

What Women Want in Financial Services

Increase your sales of financial services to women thus turning “sayers” to “buyers.” These survey results are compared to the 2018 findings which give us the ability to explore differences over time and a look at pre- and post-pandemic responses from each of the segments. The five segments we investigate are: young professional women, affluent women, mature women, stay-at-home moms, and sole women.

Download the Study Proposal

Life Service Turnaround Times

Life Insurance Service Turnaround Times Survey (Life STTS) reports are valuable tools in comparing your organization's performance to that of other companies. The reports provide important service time information around various new business and policyowner service functions, and can help guide you in setting internal benchmarks and performance standards.

Download the Study Overview

Current Studies

If you are interested in participating in any of our current studies, please contact Lynn Ferris or Michelle Lorenz (contact info at the bottom of the page).

2024 Upcoming Studies

Benefit Bundles by Design

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, a generous benefits package can be the determining factor for attracting and retaining top talent. Diving deeper into LIMRA’s 2023 Benefits and Employee Attitude Tracker (BEAT) study, it’s clear that different demographics prioritize different benefits, which is why this consortia study, Benefit Bundles by Design, will be critical in further understanding the benefit wants and needs of the current workforce. This research aims to dive deeper into employee preferences regarding bundling workplace benefits, including the prioritization of benefits across employee demographics, benefit bundles with the greatest employee reach, and analyzing demographic differentials in benefit bundle preferences.

Motivating AAPI Consumers to Buy Annuities

Entering 2023, the individual annuity market was coming off record sales and looking to maintain this momentum in 2024. At the same time, the aging U.S. population creates a favorable environment for annuity sales, with the AAPI being a great target, as they are the fastest growing racial group in the country. The Motivating AAPI Consumers to Buy Annuities consortia study will analyze the annuity-buying potential of this untapped demographic. This study will help sponsors gain a deeper understanding of the market opportunity within the AAPI community, how to better connect this community with annuity products, and segment-specific considerations of which to be mindful.

Demystifying the Needs of Today's Affluent Market

In most consumer surveys, there are insufficient affluent cases to permit analysis at the levels of wealth needed, so data on this group is often only general.​ This study will leverage both primary and secondary research, coupled with qualitative insights, to obtain a more complete picture and provide a deeper understanding of how we can address the needs of today's affluent market. Sponsors will get a comprehensive look at hte financial situation of the affluent market, as well as a deeper understanding of the preferences and needs of this consumer.​​​

The Modern Teaming Model: Evolution and Best Practices

This study will explore the degree to which team-based models are being used, provide a deeper understanding of how various distribution channels are applying these team-based models and best practices, and the impact each teaming model has on metrics like productivity, recruitment, and retention. Sponsors will gain a deeper understanding of how their peers are applying team-based approaches, including best practices and common challenges, as well as insight into how these models resonate with financial professionals. ​

Marketing Organization Benchmark

The results of this study will provide you with insight into current and emerging marketing organization structures in response to the changing role of marketing across the insurance and financial services industries. Marketing is undergoing a cycle of reorganization, and this research will help sponsors understand how their peers are structuring and positioning their marketing departments.

Reimaging Market Segmentation

This study explores consumer perceptions and preferences for life insurance through non-traditional segments that can help us better understand consumers and more effectively inform strategy. Sponsors will agree on three segments to include, such as political orientation, religious affiliation, personality, motivators, ESG importance, and family financial experience.

Digital Transformation Prioritization: Consumer Trends, Financial Professional Perspectives, and Carrier Priorities

This study is an updated wave to the 2021 Digital Transformation Prioritization Study and will examine whether customers’ digital behaviors have continued to shift forward or back, how, and why. New to this wave, the study will look at the agent perspective, and where member companies are focusing their resources throughout the digital transformation process.

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