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Investigate Shared Challenges With Other Organizations

Companies team with and through LIMRA to cost-effectively research hot issues. We can help you tackle the following and more:

  • Explore niche market opportunities
  • Evaluate consumer markets and market segments, attitudes, and perceptions
  • Benchmark operational and functional KPIs

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2022-2023 Consortia Studies

Small Business Owners

Understanding the Market Opportunity

There are 33.2 million small businesses in the U.S., which accounts for over 99% of all US businesses. Learn about the priorities of small business owners and how insurance products and services can address their needs. Small business owners often represent a complex sale, and the results of this study will serve to guide advanced sales strategies. Although the research will focus on life insurance, it will ask about additional products such as annuities, long term care, and others. Sponsors will have input into the topics addressed by this research.

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Life Service Turnaround Times

Engaging Life Insurance Buyers

Life Insurance Service Turnaround Times Survey (Life STTS) reports are valuable tools in comparing your organization's performance to that of other companies. The reports provide important service time information around various new business and policyowner service functions, and can help guide you in setting internal benchmarks and performance standards.

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Diversity and Inclusion Series

Diversity and Inclusion continues to be a topic of concern and focus across our membership, as the financial services industry desires to increase the level of engagement with historically underserved markets.

This study will seek to understand the unique needs, attitudes, and perceptions of various diverse client segments; evaluate how the needs of these segments might differ at various life stages; and uncover consumer preferences for products.

The series includes five studies — Asian Americans, LGBTQ+, Hispanic Americans, Black Americans, and the U.S. general population for comparison.

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Annuity Service Turnaround Times

The individual Annuity Service Turnaround Times Study is a valuable benchmarking tool to compare your organization's performance to that of other companies. The report provides valuable service time information around various new business and contract owner service functions, as well as other vital information for fixed, variable, and indexed annuities.  Participation in this study can help guide you in setting internal KPIs and performance standards.

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Contact Us

Lynn M. Ferris

Business Development

Ferris, who joined LIMRA and LOMA in 1978, currently markets and conducts individual company proprietary research studies as well as LIMRA and LOMA's consortium studies. She also markets the products and services offered by LIMRA and LOMA's Retirement Resource Center. With her background in applied statistics and survey research, she is well positioned to help companies find solutions to their business needs.

Ferris has published numerous articles in LIMRA and LOMA's MarketFacts Quarterly and is a frequent presenter at LIMRA and LOMA's conference and meetings. Prior to joining the Custom Research unit, Ferris conducted middle-market consumer research. She also conducted numerous group and benefit marketing cost studies and managed the activities of a staff of research analysts.

Ferris received her B.A. in sociology from Central Connecticut State University.

Work Phone: (860) 285-7849