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Investigate Shared Challenges With Other Organizations

Companies team with and through LIMRA to cost-effectively research hot issues. We can help you tackle the following and more:

  • Explore niche market opportunities
  • Evaluate consumer markets and market segments, attitudes, and perceptions
  • Benchmark operational and functional KPIs

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2022 Consortia Studies

What Women Want in Financial Services

According to LIMRA research, thirty-nine million US women say they plan to buy life insurance in the next 12 months. What will turn a “sayer” into a “buyer”? This study will dig deeper into their views on finances, needs and product knowledge, as well as, investigate how women conceptualize their financial situation. It will also look at how they “think” about money and how they manage it.

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Fraternal Growth

Research suggests that Gen Z (those born in 1997 or later) value the features and benefits of “communities”, as it aligns with their interest in collaborative efforts to connect and mobilize around causes and interests. Could this generation be the source of fraternal growth? By studying the interests, attitudes and perceptions of representatives from several generations (as well as families), we will seek to understand the features and benefits that are appealing, allowing organizations to exploit this potential growth opportunity.

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Sandwich Generation

The sandwich generation refers to middle-aged individuals who are pressured to support both aging parents and growing children. The sandwich generation is named so because they are effectively "sandwiched" between the obligation to care for their aging parents—who may be ill, unable to perform various tasks, or in need of financial support—and children, who require financial, physical, and/or emotional support. What are the financial challenges sandwich generation adults face in 2022? What can the financial services industry do to alleviate some of these challenges and support these consumers?

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Life Service Turnaround Times

Engaging Life Insurance Buyers

Life Insurance Service Turnaround Times Survey (Life STTS) reports are valuable tools in comparing your organization's performance to that of other companies. The reports provide important service time information around various new business and policyowner service functions, and can help guide you in setting internal benchmarks and performance standards.

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Contact Us

Lynn M. Ferris

Business Development

Ferris, who joined LIMRA in 1978, currently markets and conducts individual company proprietary research studies as well as LIMRA's consortium studies. She also markets the products and services offered by LIMRA's Retirement Resource Center. With her background in applied statistics and survey research, she is well positioned to help companies find solutions to their business needs.

Ferris has published numerous articles in LIMRA's MarketFacts Quarterly and is a frequent presenter at LIMRA's conference and meetings. Prior to joining the Custom Research unit, Ferris conducted middle-market consumer research. She also conducted numerous group and benefit marketing cost studies and managed the activities of a staff of research analysts.

Ferris received her B.A. in sociology from Central Connecticut State University.

Work Phone: (860) 285-7849