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Effectively connect to profitable markets

LIMRA's consulting experts will partner with your company every step of the way to help you

  • Define your profitable markets
  • Model and design the most effective distribution approaches
  • Create and implement a tactical blueprint for success

Agency Distribution

Effectively measure and define your business environment in order to design, model, and test compensation plans that are understandable, fair, and equitable.


LIMRA has created the industry’s most comprehensive database. This resource provides an unparalleled capability to clearly define the business environment, and allows for precise measuring, monitoring, analysis, and modeling.

Compensation Design & Modeling

The compensation plan is a company’s primary driver of behavior. It provides the blueprint for a company to achieve its sales and profitability goals. To be truly effective, compensation must work with all aspects of a company.

Sales Projection Model

LIMRA’s Sales Projection Model helps companies see the impact of an action or lack of actions on sales (new and renewal), persistency, and producer retention. Companies use it to optimize growth for the future.

Conference Cost Calculator

Even in the face of rising costs, conferences are critical factors in motivating, developing, educating, and retaining successful sales professionals, in addition to stimulating higher levels of sales and productivity.

Contact LIMRA Consulting

Sean F. O'Donnell, M.B.A., LLIF

Senior Vice President, Member Relations and Consulting

Work Phone: (860) 298-3913