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Making Powerful Connections (November)

Learn how to “read” people immediately and become a powerful communicator

11/8/2018 12:00 AM - 12:00
LIMRA Headquarters Windsor, CT USA


Who Should Watch

Emergent and senior leaders who wish to enhance their ability to connect with others and drive productivity through meaningful, powerful communication.


Effective leaders and communicators are highly perceptive. They have the ability to “read” people by taking in observable clues and tailoring their communication style to match the needs of others. Strengthen your ability to connect with others and increase buy-in by learning the invaluable art of “reading” people. This interactive program teaches the nuances of perceptive communication and employee engagement with applications in leadership, sales, mentoring, team collaboration, and project management. 

Program Impact

  • Develop positive rapport with employees, colleagues, and clients. 
  • Enhance your ability to read others more effectively. 
  • Motivate employees by appealing to their values. 
  • Build productive, cohesive work teams. 
  • Leverage the complementary skills and personalities of your team.


Standard Rates:
LIMRA or LOMA Member: $1,400.00 Nonmember: $2,800.00


LIMRA Headquarters
300 Day Hill Road
Windsor, CT 06095 USA

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