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MarketFacts January 2023 - Forecast Issue


At the end of every year MarketFacts asks C-suite executives for their perspectives on the year ahead. This year, the following 14 insurance leaders offered their insights.


Read FORECAST 2023

FORECAST 2023: Business Climate

Inflation, rising interest rates and market volatility – how are these factors impacting the insurance and financial services industry?

FORECAST 2023: Impactful Forces

Find out which trends will have the greatest impact on the industry in the next year or two.

FORECAST 2023: Technology Trends

Is there a technological advancement that has the potential to increase revenue, reduce risk and improve efficiency?

FORECAST 2023: Consumer Engagement

Learn how industry leaders feel they can meet consumer expectations and deliver greater value.

FORECAST 2023: Talent Challenges

What is the key to attracting and developing talent in today’s environment?

FORECAST 2023: Business Disruptors

Disruption is a routine part of today’s business climate. Is there a game changer in the year ahead?

FORECAST 2023: Growth Opportunities

Can “living in interesting times” provide growth opportunities? See what these leaders have to say.

FORECAST 2023: Retirement Matters

Consumers have faced challenges when preparing for a secure retirement. Industry leaders lay out thoughts to overcome those headwinds.

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