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要提升您業務員的銷售效率 — 和銷售成果 — 就要讓他們具備關鍵的知識、技能、專業語言能力和技術裝備。只有這樣才能夠:

  • 爭取到現今社會中高度聯繫但見異思遷的買方
  • 快速贏得信任並鼓勵消費者採取購買行動
  • 增加新客戶、保費、收入和保單銷售
  • 透過向上銷售和交叉銷售以滿足更多樣的理財需求
  • 提高客戶認同


Horizon Bancassurance Program

Equip your bancassurance advisors and supervisors with the skills they need to succeed.

High Net Worth Essentials (HNWE)

Equip your team with the expertise needed to effectively serve high net worth clients.


全新的 MFA (理財規劃師系列) 富有彈性且更為精簡。其設計目的是為業務員職業生涯過程中的每一步提供其所需的知識、技能、工具,讓業績更出色。

LIMRA Learn powered by HPN U

Provides your producers 21st-century knowledge, skills, and tools needed for success at every step in a producer’s career.

PDS (業務員訓練系列)

提供您的業務員在業務員職業生涯每個階段獲得成功所需的 21 世紀的知識、技巧和工具。

Trustworthy Selling

Effectively train and retain your sales professionals to increase their productivity and success in the industry.