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Get Your Financial Professionals Off to a Quick Start Today!

Trustworthy Selling Quick Start provides new recruits with the skills, language and confidence they need to be productive immediately and sustain that success in today’s market.

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What is Trustworthy Selling?

A Sales Effectiveness Program with Proven Results!

Designed to help financial professionals succeed through:

  • Improve connections with understanding buyer psychology and behavioral economics.
  • Adapt selling style to maximize communication flexibility.
  • Deepen existing client relationships through strategic client management practices.
  • Increase engagement and build stronger relationships through the art of questioning.
  • Obtain high quality favorable introductions with confidence.
  • Integrate the habits and peak performance psychology of top performers.

Proven results and industry recognition:

  • Over 20,000 graduates across the globe.
  • 25+% increases in productivity.
  • Recognized by Selling Power as one of the top sales training companies.
  • ROI Institute’s Top Case Studies of the Year.

Digital Badges

TS-Certified-Graduate-800px-trans.pngShare Your Achievements!

Digital badges are digital representations of your professional designation or credential that can be easily shared in a way that is trusted and verifiable. You can use your digital badges on social media, in your email signature, on business cards and stationery, and on your resume or CV.

All badges can be verified at our verification sites, ensuring that you receive credit for your accomplishments.

We found Trustworthy Selling augmented and complemented much of the training we were already doing. We saw a 17% increase in overall production across both risk and investment products. The program’s focus on financial professionals understanding the psychology of buyers and the need to increase trust and decrease tension led to greater financial professional competence and confidence.

Dave Porter

Dave Porter

Managing Partner, Baystate Financial Services

Proven Paths to Success

Learning Editions for Every Step in a Financial Professional's Journey

Trustworthy Selling offers three proven learning editions for each stage of a financial professional's journey.  Each edition provides a powerful combination of tools and techniques to benefit your organization through an immersive, interactive learning system. These additions include Quick Start for new financial professionals, Professional for experienced financial professionals, and Multiline for property and casualty financial professionals.


Quick Start







This editions is for Financial Representatives just starting out, with less than one year in the business


This edition is for Experienced Financial Representatives who have been in the business 1+ years


This edition is for the Multi-line Financial Representatives who need to pivot to the Life and Financial service products

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The Proof is in the Numbers

25+% Lifts Across the Board

  • Premium
  • P&C productivity
  • Retention
  • Placed
  • Policies
  • Investment Gross Revenue
  • Lives
  • Weekly Net Issued
  • New Clients
  • Production Credits
  • Submitted
  • Conference Credits

Flexible Delivery Models

Flexible delivery models to meet your needs for scalability, customization and execution including blended learning, virtual classroom, and self-study.


Person-computer.jpg   People-classroom.jpg   Person-workdesk.jpg

This allows for the structure of a classroom combined with online learning.


This allows for larger groups to participate in a virtual classroom setting.


This solution is great for those who need the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

Reimagined. Redesigned. Trustworthy Selling

What Is Trustworthy Selling?

In this episode of LIMRA Unplugged Lite, Delores Freitag assistant vice president of product innovation & development at LIMRA talks about Trustworthy Selling.

Experience Trustworthy Selling


Experience the best kept secret in the financial services industry.

Award-Winning Training

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Trustworthy Selling® is a registered trademark of LL Global Services, Inc., and Hoopis Performance Network.

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