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Equip your bancassurance advisors and supervisors with the skills they need to succeed.

We understand the industry and the shifting tide towards bancassurance. Our Horizon Bancassurance Program is a bespoke training resource designed to help develop the type of skills, culture, and competency now required by financial regulators across Asia. This program is for both advisors and supervisors.

This program was developed by seasoned bancassurance practitioners with decades of experience within the bank and insurer partners operations. It includes materials for both advisors and supervisors.

The Horizon Bancassurance Program is able to address a few key areas to help banca including:

  • Regulation: Regulators are driving towards a higher standard of advice.
  • Trust: Customers are increasingly less trusting of financial institutions and sales representatives.
  • Competency: Attracting, developing & retaining advisors requires greater levels of sales competency.
  • Productivity: Banca channels are requiring higher productivity levels to sustain growth and justify increasing costs.
  • The learning content is coupled with the latest AI avatar technology to deliver affordable and flexible blended learning resources that will support you in building the needs-based selling culture to drive your business forward.

The Horizon Bancassurance Program is a series (80 for advisors + 50 for supervisors) of short, impactful video content and supplementary tools that can be used to up-skill your banca advisors and empower your leadership to drive meaningful behavior changes that will benefit your customer and your business. The program is an extremely practical tool for self-learning as well as in person training from your Supervisors and Trainers on the full range of Bancassurance topics.

Our program is accessible via any device and includes a mobile app to easily access videos and course materials via LIMRA’s learning management system platform. There are also options to enable the content to be delivered on your organizations LMS platform.

Our program will also provide analysis on the consumption of the content as well the module assessments providing you with insights to assess your teams competency.