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Creating Elite Professional Advisors

Designed specifically for banking and insurance advisors in Asia, this course will equip your team with the expertise needed to effectively serve High Net Worth (HNW) clients. Elevate your advisors' skills and set your team apart in this competitive space.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Advisor Challenges:

  • Advisors often lack holistic perspectives, focusing too much on products rather than broader wealth management strategies.
  • Misconception persists that HNW individuals don't need insurance, leaving gaps in wealth protection.
  • Onshore liquidity needs are often overlooked by local advisors, missing out on significant opportunities.

Industry Challenges:

  • Growth in HNW business strains advisor resources and competencies at the top end.
  • While technology is important, face-to-face engagement remains crucial for meeting HNW clients' needs.
  • Distributors need better skills and knowledge, particularly in providing customized liquidity solutions for HNW customers.

Why Choose HNWE?

Tailored Curriculum

Developed with insights from leaders in the industry, HNWE focuses on the unique dynamics of the HNW landscape in Asia.

Expert Guidance

Delivered by HNW practitioners with extensive industry experience, ensuring practical knowledge and actionable strategies.

Addressing Industry Challenges

From limited holistic approaches to misconceptions about HNW insurance needs, HNWE tackles common advisor challenges head-on.

Real-world Execution

Through Role-Plays and scenario-based learning, participants will translate theoretical knowledge into practical advisory skills.

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