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For 30 years, LIMRA MarketFacts has been the premier publication for financial services executives worldwide. Our mission is to bring the latest, most pertinent industry information to our readership — whether it is derived from industry research, company best practices, or insightful thought leadership. LIMRA MarketFacts offers unmatched content by inviting authorship from representatives of companies in LIMRA’s vast member roster, as well as from LIMRA’s internal subject matter experts and global thought leaders impacting the financial services arena.

Why is LIMRA MarketFacts different from other industry trade publications? Because we concentrate on developing in-depth, insightful articles devoted to the critical issues of the day impacting financial services industry decision-makers. By blending exclusive perspectives from LIMRA’s renowned research team and marketing experts with the industry’s top thought leadership, LIMRA MarketFacts provides the latest information on how companies can maximize their marketing and distribution effectiveness in an ever-evolving environment.

In these turbulent times, it is imperative that you have access to the best thinking on the forces driving change in the financial services industry. LIMRA MarketFacts is the vehicle that industry executives turn to most for LIMRA’s longstanding brand in research excellence.

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Fall 2010

LIMRA MarketFacts

Fall, 2010

Table of Contents
by Scott R. Kallenbach, FLMI, LIMRA

How do sales professionals view the future of life insurance sales in the United States over the next three years? LIMRA’s Individual Producer Panel members were asked this question in 2010, as well as what market segments they are currently targeting and who they foresee as their next generation of clients. The result: sales professionals are optimistic.

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by John R. Graham, Graham Communications

Selling in a broad swath of industries is arguably more difficult today than at any time in the past half century. Like everyone else, salespeople are faced with doing their job whatever the economic conditions. This article presents five concepts to make sure sales professionals get the sale today.

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by Chris I. Heath, LLIF, LIMRA

With 2012 implementation deadlines for the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) and Solvency II looming, it’s make-or-break time for financial services companies in the United Kingdom.

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by Keith Abraham, CSP, People Pursuing a Passion

Business owners want their employees to be engaged, energized, and enthused — and for this full potential to be achieved, it is critical that employees lead, embrace change, buy into the business owner’s direction, and think of new ways to capitalize on opportunities. In this article, the author presents the three Cs to success — clarity, culture, and collaboration — for business owners to better engage their workforces — whether at the agency level or from the home office.

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by Mary M. Art, LIMRA; Nilufer R. Ahmed, Ph.D., LIMRA

It’s a priority for companies that sell personal auto insurance to market their products to the multiple generations of drivers who regularly consider changes, but will the same messages that have been used with baby boomers be effective in reaching out to Gen Xers and Gen Yers?

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by Susan Foster, LIMRA

Anyone keeping a watch on the UK financial services marketplace over the past few decades will have noted the substantial changes in the distribution landscape — depolarization of advice channels, introduction of multi-ties, introduction of commission disclosure, and experimentation with stakeholder products. Now, with 2011 on the horizon, we have the imminent demise of commissions.

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by Matthew Drinkwater, Ph.D., FSRI, FLMI, AFSI, PCS, LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute; Cecilia M. Shiner, FSRI, FFSI, ALMI, ACS, LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute

Most Americans want to retire. But for many of the 30 million individuals ages 55 to 70 who have not yet done so, retirement can seem like an unscalable mountain. Unfortunately, because aging is unavoidable — and most individuals will not be able to work until they die — this is one mountain that cannot simply be circumvented. Instead, they must do their best to reach the summit. How can the industry ensure their success?

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by Scott Stathis, Kehrer-LIMRA; Janet Cappelletti, Kehrer-LIMRA

After several years of decline, life insurance sales within financial institutions are on the rebound. Economic conditions, changing interest rates, and a renewed focus on life insurance in banks have combined to create the perfect storm for selling life insurance within the bank channel. Now may be the perfect time for carriers and their bank partners to establish their beachhead in this life distribution system.

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by Thomas F. Morante, Holland & Knight, LLP; David P. Sofge, J.D., Holland & Knight, LLP

The insurance provisions of the financial reform signed into law by President Obama on July 21, 2010, as part of the 2,300-page Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank) have attracted a high level of scrutiny not only for their specific provisions — which are relatively modest in scope — but also for signs that Dodd-Frank may presage a possible shift from state to federal regulation of insurance, at least in some specific areas.

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by Alan Press, Wealth Advisory Group LLC

The life insurance industry can be viewed as a constantly evolving industry. Yet, as this article explores, some of its progress has centered on five factors that have not fundamentally changed to date: (1) The tax shelter of inside buildup of life insurance policy, cash values, and death benefits, (2) The need to recruit, train, and retain new sales advisors; (3) The need to prospect for new clients and then close sales; (4) The “curse” of replacement policies and the negative effect it’s had on the industry; and (5) industry opposition to governmental programs to benefit the poor, elderly, and uninsurable.

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by Malcolm C. McCulloch, Ph.D., LIMRA and LOMA

For the most part, contact centers in the financial services industry commit the time, resources, and predetermined strategy necessary to attract and hire qualified individuals who can deliver good service or sales with the right training. This article details what efforts are needed to create effective staffing practices.

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by William Velto, The Velto Group (TVG); Dennis H. White, The Velto Group (TVG)

Much has already been written about the U.S. health care reform bill and its impending impact on the U.S. population in the years ahead — with several of its components directly impacting the health care industry. What can the industry expect? This article addresses how health care reform may drive massive change in the voluntary employee benefits market.

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