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Touching Base with Technology

Touching Base with Technology

LIMRA research shows 80 percent of U.S. life insurers have implemented or are piloting a big data initiative. When entering the digital space there is a lot to consider like digital strategy, data analytics and cyber security.

In this episode of LIMRA Unplugged, Chief Membership Officer Jim Kerley talks with Kartik Sakthivel, LIMRA’s chief information officer, about how technology impacts our industry.

LIMRA Unplugged is a video podcast series designed to explore issues and trends within the financial services industry. The series combines LIMRA research with real-world insights to offer an in-depth understanding about market challenges and opportunities.

Digital Strategy
Part 1
Data Analytics
Part 2
Cyber Threats
Part 3


     Alison Salka - 2015 - small 
    Alison Salka
    LIMRA Research Director

    James Kerley 
    Jim Kerley
    LIMRA Chief Membership Officer

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