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2017 Insurance Barometer Study

2017 Insurance Barometer Study - Full Report

Industry Issues

  • Examining the differences between those with and without life insurance 
  • Tracking consumer attitudes toward life insurance 
  • Assessing perceived life insurance need 

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Key Findings

  • The most common financial concern is the ability to afford a comfortable retirement. 
  • Though healthcare concerns are consistently the top group, this is changing. 
  • Consumer demand for life insurance is greater than actual ownership.
  • Life insurance owners are more interested in other financial products.  
  • Brand image matters.  
  • Online purchase attempts are increasing.  
  • Simplified underwriting is appealing to consumers.  
  • Millennials overestimate the cost of life insurance.  
  • Peer-to-peer insurance is a nascent segment of the insurance industry.  

2017 Insurance Barometer Study - Infographic

2017 Insurance Barometer Study

2017 Barometer - Fig-30

2017 Barometer - Fig-31

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2017 Barometer - Meet The Researcher

Meet the Project Director

Lauren J. Finnie
Research Analyst

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Lauren J. Finnie; James T. Scanlon, M.S., HIA; Maggie Leyes