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Warm, Tepid, or Cold? Perspectives on Deferred Annuity Non-Buyers

Warm, Tepid, or Cold? Perspectives on Deferred Annuity Non-Buyers

Industry Issues

Annuities almost stand alone among all investment products for their ability to incite equally intense reactions of love or hate, like or dislike. By segmenting clients, can advisors identify, focus on, and win prospects who are open to buying annuities?

Key Findings

Deferred annuity non-buyers fall into three distinct categories or mindsets:

    • WARM: May buy annuity someday
    • TEPID: Annuity is good, but not for me
    • COLD: Would not buy an annuity

Retirement goals and preferences for income in retirement distinguish warm deferred annuity non-buyers from COLD ones. Knowing these differences can help advisors determine focus time and resources on warn prospects.

Advisors who help clients look at retirement risk from an income perspective may build more trust and make more annuity sales.

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Warm, Tepid, or Cold - Placard 2 small

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Meet the Project Director

Jafor Iqbal
Assistant Vice President
LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute

Jafor Iqbal studies retirees and the role of financial advisors in retirement income planning. In this role, he leads the LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute's retirement income initiatives. His leadership and focus in retirement income has resulted in the publishing LIMRA’s 2009 and 2012 editions of The Retirement Income Reference Book, a complete mapping of the retirement income marketplace, including retirement risks and issues faced by consumers and advisors, as well as the annual LIMRA Retirement Income Fact Book.

Prior to joining LIMRA in 2009, Iqbal was Director of Product Management at Fidelity Investments.

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