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2019 Predictions: More Than a Crystal Ball

Author(s): Scott R. Kallenbach, FLMI

Industry Issues

LIMRA’s 2019 predictions report provides our insight on the key issues and trends that will likely impact the industry. The report also features background information that helped shape our predictions.

Key Findings

  • Artificial intelligence implementations will grow in both the number of companies making use of it and the range of applications.
  • Consumers will be increasingly more discriminating about the firms they choose to do business with, showing a preference for companies that are ethical, authentic, and committed to social good.
  • The incidents of fraud and fraud attempts will continue to expand in 2019. As a result, we expect the industry to respond with a more united front to combat the threat.

Key Take Aways

Read this report for LIMRA predictions on:

  • Individual life insurance
  • Individual annuities
  • Workplace benefits
  • Technology
  • Consumers
  • Distribution
  • Retirement
  • Fraud

Meet the Project Director

Scott R. Kallenbach, FLMI
Research Director, Strategic Research

Scott Kallenbach directs LIMRA’s Strategic Research program, which identifies and examines strategic issues that can impact the financial services industry. The research is intended to stimulate thought and facilitate management decision making.

With over 25 years of market and strategic research experience, Scott is a frequent speaker at industry forums, and is a regular contributor to the trade press, including LIMRA’s flagship publication, LIMRA’s MarketFacts Quarterly.

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