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Participants Cash Out... But Would Value Roll-In Help (Infographic)

Nov 29, 2016

DConversations - Automatic Portability: A New Approach to Addressing Retirement Plan 'Leakage'

Income Solutions in Defined Contribution Plans: A Qualitative Research Project Summary

Dec 14, 2020

As the wave of Boomers retiring without pensions increases, the notion of using a DC plan to generate retirement income becomes increasingly critical; industry leaders weigh in on this important dynamic and the in-plan income market.

2016 LIMRA Research Catalog

Jul 9, 2018

2015 LIMRA research, organized by major topics.

2017 LIMRA Research Catalog

Jul 12, 2018

2017 research, organized by topic.

DC Plan Sponsor Actions (Infographic)

Jun 30, 2020

This series looks at DC plan sponsors’ attitudes, reactions, observations, and expectations in the wake of the crisis.

Workers and Retirement Programs: What Are They Thinking? (Key Findings)

Mar 2, 2017

Workers want to save for retirement at the workplace, and they think their employers should help them do it.