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Custom Research

As the trusted source for industry knowledge, members call LIMRA first for solutions to their information gaps!

Today’s business environment presents many new challenges, and the signposts leading to success aren't always clear or may even seem contradictory. You need to find the answers that will fill the information gaps and help set a direction. LIMRA’s Custom Research will provide you with the qualitative and/or quantitative data to make decisions across all product lines and distribution channels. Gain the knowledge you need to improve customer satisfaction, design a new product, test a product concept or product introduction and more!

LIMRA’s team of industry experts will find the answers to your specific needs. We will work with you at all stages of the research project from helping you clarify the study objectives to writing the report, presenting the results and partnering with your team regarding the implications for your company.

Sometimes companies share a common interest and decide to join together and fund a specific project. It’s a timely and cost-effective approach that provides data only to the sponsoring companies. Project sponsors have an active role in determining the research methodology, questionnaire design and when appropriate, focus group locations.

Whether you need a custom study or want to share the results with several other companies, all studies are tailored to your objectives and results are available only to the sponsoring company/ies.

Types of Studies:

ConsumerField ForceHome OfficeProductStrategic Research
Satisfaction/LoyaltySupport NeedsEmployee Opinion SurveysProduct DesignWhite Papers
Needs and PreferencesTraining needsExit/Onboarding SurveysMarket PotentialLiterature Reviews
AttitudesAttitudes Competition 
OwnershipNew Products   

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