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LIMRA LifeSource™

LIMRA LifeSourceTM puts a robust competitive intelligence tool at your fingertips. You will now easily obtain competitive intelligence that is time consuming and resource intensive to obtain and for a company to compile. This one source for all product design and performance information saves you time and money. 

You can gain insights into your competitors’ complete portfolio of whole life (par & non par) and universal life, along with sales for all products currently sold. And the searchable dynamic database provides you with data visualizations you customize to your needs.  

Participating in LIMRA LifeSource can help product development, competitive intelligence, risk management, and sales gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace by learning:

  • How competitive are your products versus peers
  • If a competitor’s product is really selling
  • About the new products your competitors have developed
  • Current product illustrations and competitors’ past product performance

Highlights of the information you will receive include:

An annual company subscription fee gives all home office employees access to the database. There are no restrictions on sharing the product illustration and performance data but the sales data are for internal use only.

To receive the maximum benefit each year, companies must commit by the first data call in February. 

Annual Schedule 

The product data calls and report release dates are:

  • Whole life—February data call, report in April
  • Universal life—August data call, report in October

LIMRA LifeSource keeps you aware—so your company can be competitive today and stay on top tomorrow. Participating companies are surveyed, submit their results, and we do the rest.

To find out how LIMRA LifeSource can keep you competitive, contact:

Lynn Ferris

** Illustration guidelines ensure all participating companies are using the same assumptions in creating illustrated values for the database.