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Annuity Interest Rates Terms of Use

This service is used to post current and past rate sheets for annuity products. This service is for internal home office use only and is intended to be used for your company’s information and marketing research. The service identifies companies by name. LIMRA will not release interest rates associated with annuity products before those rates are effective. By using this service, you agree and certify to the following terms and conditions:

  1. To the best of your knowledge any financial information submitted by your company is information otherwise available to the public and your company has not provided any non-public information or data.
  2. Your company will not use this service to suggest, disclose, or otherwise present information related to future pricing or interest rates associated with your company’s products.

Failure to comply with these restrictions could result in anti-trust liability for your company. LIMRA reserves the right to refuse access to this service to anyone who violates these restrictions.

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Annuity Interest Rates Service

Terms of Use

Welcome to LIMRA's Annuity Interest Rate Service.

LIMRA collects new money interest rate sheets on annuity products. The information is organized by company name and this service is available only to U.S. annuity product manufactures that submit their annuity interest rate data to LIMRA.

If your company currently participates in the Annuity Interest Rate Service, please email your current annuity interest rate sheets to For more information on this service, please contact Todd Giesing at 860-285-7899 or

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