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The Evolution of the Retirement Plan Industry: Planning for the Future


This webinar will discuss how markets, products, and distribution are evolving to meet new challenges. What does the future of retirement plans look like, and how will that impact the next generation of products and services? How are the best companies positioning themselves for success?

The Evolution of the Annuity Market: Entering the New Normal


As vaccines roll out at a rapid pace in the U.S., we are entering a new normal. Please join Teddy Panaitisor and Todd Giesing for a look at the new normal for the individual annuity market, and where Secure Retirement Institute is forecasting sales to go.

The Annuity INSIDER Report — 1Q 2021

As we turned the corner into 2021, hope was on the horizon. Vaccines for the COVID-19 pandemic started to roll out rapidly, economic conditions improved, and a semblance of the new normal started to come together for the individual annuity market. Please join Teddy Panaitisor and Todd Giesing to see the impact these factors had on first quarter annuity sales, and a vision of the future for the annuity market.

Professional Development

Learning Live Series

Short, Facilitated, Virtual Sessions Expand Knowledge

Annuity products are complicated, but our expert instructor breaks them down in this live, interactive session. Our upcoming session, Learning Live: Annuities, is a high-level introduction to how annuities work, helping you understand their various features and benefits, and sales trends. Space is limited, so register now for this dynamic virtual class! 

Learning Live: Annuities
Wednesday, October 13, 1:00 pm – 3:00 p.m. ET

Advance Your Knowledge

Join us for an Advance Your Knowledge Webinar ― Gear Up for National Learning & Development Month. We'll discuss how leveraging LOMA's designation programs can boost your business acumen and put you on the fast track to proficiency.

Gear Up for National Learning & Development Month
Wednesday, August 25, 11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. ET

Make 'Cents' of the Retirement Industry With SRI 240

Today's disruptions make it important to understand how your company makes money. Knowledge of the financial aspects of the retirement industry can equip you to take on new challenges and responsibilities. SRI 240 — Profitability in the Retirement Business can give you a "big picture" view of the financial aspects of the retirement business so you can be successful in your role.

Details and Enroll. 

Retirement Research

Data Security: The Key to Financial Wellness

Balancing personalization and data privacy to create financial wellness programs that resonate with employees.

A Future View of U.S. Annuity Sales — Entering a New Normal

Entering 2021, the individual annuity market continued to face significant uncertainty. Even as vaccines have rolled out throughout the U.S., many questions remain regarding what the new normal will be for the individual annuity market.

A Deeper Dive: 2020 Registered Index-Linked Annuity Sales

Registered index-linked annuities continued to gain popularity in 2020. This report explores the election of protections and benefits within this popular product segment.

Featured Publication

Financial Wellness Initiative

Needs and Opportunities

Financial wellness is one of the biggest challenges people face. When employees worry about their finances, they bring that stress to work. In response, employers are turning to financial wellness programs to support their employees but how does data privacy fit in?
LL Global and PwC recently sponsored an executive roundtable to discuss how leading providers are using data to improve outcomes from financial wellness programs and the issues around data usage. To learn more read the report: Data Security: The Key to Financial Wellness

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