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New training program developed for new recruits

Updated 1-16-2014

WINDSOR, Conn., Jan. 15, 2014 — LIMRA and the Hoopis Performance Network (HPN) today announced they have launched a new training program, designed for new recruits and leveraging the core tenets of the award winning Trustworthy Selling® program.

"After successfully training and improving the productivity of scores of experienced producers, HPN and LIMRA recognized the core curriculum of Trustworthy Selling could be leveraged to help new recruits get off to a more productive start by understanding consumer psychology and learning the field-tested sales skills that have proven to be effective," said Delores Freitag, LIMRA assistant vice president and director of Talent Development. "Our 16-week onboarding program will help new recruits develop successful habits from the start, offering them the opportunity to practice what they learn under the guidance of a Trustworthy Selling coach/manager. 

Trustworthy Selling Quick Start consists of three phases:

  1. The Core Learning Phase introduces the new producer to everything they will need to do on the job.  During this two-week course, the producer experiences an intense infusion of the proven sales practices developed in Trustworthy Selling program.
  2. The Structured Performance Coaching Phase holds the student accountable to the practice what they learned in the core learning phase. Through bi-weekly assignments that reinforce the Trustworthy Selling concepts, new producers work with a manager/coach to help them as they develop and demonstrate the skills they learned in the first phase.
  3. The Capstone Phase enables students to demonstrate mastery of their skills in a group setting and apply their knowledge to two comprehensive case studies.

Through LIMRA's behavioral economic research, researchers found that consumers respond better to certain language and tactics based on social, cognitive and emotional factors. LIMRA research has proven that by working the principles of behavioral economics into a sales presentation, producers can be more effective and bridge the trust gap, understand client needs and support consumers with their purchasing decisions.   

"Companies that have offered the Trustworthy Selling program to their experienced producers have seen more than double return on their investment," commented Freitag. "Trustworthy Selling Quick Start provides new recruits with the same key building blocks to help them form a solid foundation in financial services sales that will enable them to be successful from the start."

For more information, visit Trustworthy Selling.


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