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Help all customer-facing professionals quickly understand the U.S. Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule and its impact. It demonstrates to regulators — and potentially judges and jurors — your firm’s intent to comply with the rules

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Fiduciary Training is in Your Best Interest!

While the DOL Fiduciary Rule has been vacated by the Court, your clients still expect that your firm, and those who represent you, will put the clients’ interests first. While we are planning to update our courses when a proposed SEC Rule becomes final, our Fiduciary Education for Sales & Service Professional curriculum can be a vital tool in helping your representatives to understand what the highest standards of client care are. Losses and litigation are much less likely when your representatives understand core concepts like avoiding conflicts of interest, and documenting the basis for recommendations. 

Please contact us today to discuss your current training needs, or to discuss the training that you will need in light of the SEC “Best Interest and Non-Conflicted Advice” proposal, or in response to fiduciary rules enacted by the States, such as New York and Nevada.

Members also asked us to build on the best features of our popular AML Training Program to:

  • Provide role-specific, scenario-based courses pinpointing the boundaries of client conversations — for registered reps, insurance agents, contact center reps, wholesalers, and more
  • Deliver it on the same convenient platform already used by more than 100 firms throughout the industry

The curriculum features:

Core course for all customer-interacting professionals

  • Fiduciary Advice & Impartial Conduct Standards

Courses for fiduciary roles

  • Applying the Rules – Sales Professionals Using the BICE for Level-Fee Compensation
  • Applying the Rules – Sales Professionals Using PTE 84-24 

Courses for non-fiduciary roles

  • Applying the Rules – Insurance Representatives
  • Applying the Rules – Contact center representatives
  • Applying the Rules – Wholesalers

An annual refresher course that addresses any rule changes or decisions impacting customer-facing professionals.

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