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Research And More

LIMRA and LOMA provide a wealth of services for today’s actuaries. This page links you to these helpful resources:

  • Research reports and articles
  • Peer forums
  • Professional development programs

LIMRA and LOMA conduct research in areas directly supporting actuarial knowledge and decision-making, including our research partnership with the Society of Actuaries. We work together to provide you with current data related to actuarial experience for life, health, and annuity lines of business. We can also accelerate your industry knowledge and on-the-job effectiveness with conferences, peer forums, and professional development programs developed by industry experts.

Product Development

Combination Products

Consumer Perspectives on Long-Term Care and Insurance

Gain insight into consumer perspectives on life combination and long-term care insurance, the choice to receive care at home versus in a facility, and misunderstandings surrounding ownership of long term care coverage.



Upcoming Related Events

Study Groups and Committees

Education and Training

Strategic Leadership

Engage new thinking, new skills, and new capabilities for today's leaders.

Underwriting short online courses

Taking underwriters to the next level, this series of short online courses covers over 200+ topics (medical, non-medical, and financial risks) in all areas of underwriting, and has been carefully designed to complement LOMA courses as well as the FALU designation.

Underwriting Life and Health Insurance (UND 386)

UND 386 introduces risk assessment principles applied to underwriting individual and group life and health insurance, including specialized policies and supplemental coverages.

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